Herbal Facial Steaming Tea Blend

Yolaine's Enhancing Skincare Products

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Yolaine’s Enhancing Skincare

Facial steaming:

Brightens dull skin

Tightens skin

Cleans skin and kills bacteria

Stimulates cell turnover

Directions for Facial Steaming: Place table spoon of herbs into muslin bag. Place bag in pot or heatproof bowl. Pour 2 quarts of boiling water over herbs. Cover and steep 10 minutes. Place bowl on heatproof surface where you can comfortably sit. Holding your face 12-16 inches from bowl, drape a large towel over head and bowl to capture steaming herbal water. If it gets too hot under the towel--lift a corner to let in a little cool air. Steam for 5 -10 minutes. Wipe dirt, oil, sweat from face with clean towel. Splash face with cool water and pat dry.

*Disclaimer: Do not use on severe erupting acne. Do not use on skin with burns, sores or rashes. Do not use on skin with cuts or open wounds that are infected or oozing with puss.

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