Bath Salts


$ 6.00

Used in bath water to soak and relax. Ideal for foot spas too.

Made with Epsom Salts and essential oils.

Mint: treats head aches, muscle aches, colds, frees breathing. Promotes hair growth for course/thick hair, light and can be used daily even on processed hair.

Lavender: relaxes nerves, releases stress, releases menstrual cramps. Great in the evening before bedtime to help you rest.

Lemon: clears acne, blemishes, eczema and moisturizes the face.

Mint/Eucalyptus: great for arthritis and joint issues. Also promotes hair growth.

Lemon/Mint: Zestful! Also wonderful as a moisturizer and provides energy for a morning boost.

Orange Zest- Orang and ginger.

Majito- Lime & Mint.

Lavender-Eucalyptus is our most popular, used as a detox and restores female pH levels.

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